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How the Current Foam Industry Began

Partymachines.com launched in 1998. The business started as a margarita machine rental company in Central Texas with dreams of growing. A few years down the line while renting margarita machines to a regular customer, we were asked if we could provide them a foam machine for an upcoming party. With enough sense not to say, “no,” The immediate response was, “We’ll rent you a phone booth.” He repeated and spelled it out, “F-O-A-M.” I retorted, “yes, that’s what I said.” He asked; “how much?” Response: “what did you pay last time?” He said he paid $1,400 to rent one foam machine for a 3 hour party. Without hesitation; response: “That’s exactly what we charge.” We were in the foam machine business.

The foam machine research began. We evolved the equipment and offerings and customer base. The margarita machines were put out to pasture in November 2005. The last foam machine rentals occurred sometime in 2007. At that point we put all of our focus on developing newer, lighter, more efficient, and higher output foam machines. The goal has always been to make a better and easier user experience. By 2016 we had evolved from renting out one foam machine for $1400 that lasted 3 hours to selling 2 foam machines with 12 hours of foam for the same price anywhere in North America. Now, in 2018 we prefer to give foam machines away for free when customers buy foam powder packs in bulk.

Our foam machines have improved from weighing 50 lbs to just 13 lbs, and went from 12 amps to 1.8 amps with higher foam output! The liquid foam solution needed to run foam machines costs about $60/ hour and the powder solution that we developed, (which serves the same purpose,) costs around $8/ hour when bought in bulk and includes free equipment; therefore we recommend that customers buy the powder solution!

Dr. Party Foam Powder Packs are hard water resistant as well as cold water soluble. We add no fragrance, dyes or coloring to our solution. Our foam powder packs are board-certified dermatologist approved. Our natural foam powder solution is 6 times less costly than the liquid form used for foam production. It is lightweight cost-effective and efficient. We also give free equipment with certain powder pack purchases.

We have spent nearly two decades creating and developing the foam market selling all around the world. At partymachines, we manufacture foam machines and are constantly finding new ways to improve our products through our valued customer feedback. We are proud to have established ourselves as the industry leader and one to imitate in foam party solutions and equipment.

Partymachines provides superior products and superior customer service to help our customers/partners succeed. We send leads your way when we receive inquiries from people wishing to rent foam machines in your area. With experience and constant innovation, partymachines is your number one resource for all your foam needs!