Foam Machines change your equipment rental company.

Looking for the best way to entertain kids on a fun-filled weekend?  If you are considering a bounce house, consider this: Inflatables are old and tired. Most kids have experienced them, and they are packed with logistical issues.

First, the bounce house and inflator are heavy and difficult to move, especially in a small car. They require a strong power source extended all the way out to the middle of the lawn. They take a long time to inflate and eat up valuable party time. Don’t forget, a hole in the bounce house could ruin the entire party. Worse, an injury to a child could be tragic and threaten an entire business.

Now consider a Foam Machine! Kids’ foam parties are exploding in popularity. They are novel, fun and a new and exciting experience for kids of all ages. A super-lightweight foamer and powder packs are easy to transport even in a small vehicle. Setup takes five minutes. They need far less power than a bounce house and come with enough foam for over ten hours of fun. The machines are practically foolproof. The foam is 100% safe for skin and eyes. Take-down and pack-up take three minutes. There is no cleanup because that foam turns back into water! Kids will go home exhausted after a day full of exciting memories.  

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DESCRIPTION: The Super E package comes with two machines to accommodate a party of any size. A dozen powder packs provide over 10 hours of foam. Additional packs are just $7 per party hour. Foam machines are perfect for summer camps, haunted houses, birthdays, county fairs, school carnivals, and any number of community events where kids come to have a blast for a full day of fun. The number of potential foam parties you can throw is endless. Maintenance is minimal. The Super E is a fantastic investment. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  


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