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Snowman snow machine | fake snow falling and Free Shipping and one hour of snow solution included with The Amazing Snowman. This snow solution does not accumulate. The snow solution and these snow machines do not make a snow that you can play in. This is an evaporative snow that creates the effect of snow falling. If you require snowballs and snowmen then this is not the snow for you. These snow machines create the effect of snow falling. He works for holiday events. It’s popular for snow themed events as well. This guy stands three feet tall and simply requires to be plugged in and turned on. The rental comes with a bottle of snow solution concentrate that you mix with one gallon of distilled water inside the container that the little guy has in his back.  He’s extremely reliable and practically perfect for the budget-minded consumer. The price allows for round trip FedEx shipping. Simply order online and wait for your rental to show up a few days later. The guy comes with a bottle of snow solution concentrate – good for about an hour’s worth of snow. Click to watch a video on Youtube


Own these machines. They make a huge impact on your events. These little guys that stand three feet tall can work as an army of snow falling machines. You may place them strategically around an area. Because of their extremely affordable price and ease of use you can’t go wrong. Order early and start with one unit.

Test that one out and then call back to get two or twenty more. We stock plenty of these wonderful snowmen for the holiday season. Remember that we don’t mess around with snow machine rental season. These guys are so easy to operate you’ll fall in love. Are you theming your event around a Frozen movie? We know it’s popular so we prepared for you. Do not fear snow season. It lasts longer each year. We have you covered in snow falling machines for your holiday events. Call today. You may simply order online as well. Skip the phone and save some shipping by ordering through the site.