Questions – foam party equipment

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Frequently asked questions about foam or snow machine faq help people. The Super E Foam Machine fan needs to be pointed downward. Make sure the sprayer heads face forward. Make sure the sprayer tips stay free of debris. Twist the sprayer tips off with your hands and clean them out. Pinterest on with your fingers. Make sure the connections are snug. Make sure you have no kinks in the hose. Make sure, when using an in-line mixing device that there is sufficient water pressure running through the water line and up into the foam fan. If there isn’t sufficient water pressure then the device will not suck the foam solution mixture up the hose. If you can’t get sufficient water pressure then you need to revert to a water pump.

The foam powder packs make bubbles. The bubbles created with the foam powder don’t stack as high as bubbles made with the liquid foam solution by Dr. Party. You may run alternating barrels of water and solution mixture and powder and water mixtures in order to save money. Also, the Super E Foam Machine works well in a 15 foot x 15 foot square pit for a kids party. When you have more than 25 kids at a time or a larger pit; we recommend that you add a second unit.  A benefit of using multiple machines is that if one goes down you still have foam coming out. If you use one very high output machine and it goes down then you loose your entire foam production in one fell swoop.

The foam machine sits on a stand and most likely needs to be placed in the foam pit. It’s not necessary to have a foam pit. The pit keeps the foam in a contained space and protects against wind gusts occasionally.