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What is the foam solution made of?

The foam consists of cosmetic grade foaming agents found in shampoos and bubble baths.

How do you clean the foam up?

It’s water. It evaporates and goes away on it’s own.

Is the foam slippery?

The foam is as slippery as normal water. The foam solution is not soap.

Does the foam harm the grass, the skin, eyes, or respiratory system?

The foam irritates the skin, eyes, respiratory system, and grass as much as normal water when used according to the instructions.

Where do people set it up?

It’s recommended for set-up under a covered patio or in a grassy area.

How much are foam solution refills? How much does it cost to run a foam machine?

Running the Super E Foam Machine with foam powder can cost as little as $4/ hour when you purchase foam powder packs in bulk. When using liquid foam solutions expect to spend $30 to $60 per hour in product cost. When using larger foam machine fans expect to spend even more than $60/ hour in product cost.

What are some differences between the powder and liquid foam solutions?

Liquid is heavy. It doesn’t work in cold climates unless you use hot water. It costs as little as 6 x as much as powder foam and can cost 12 x more than powder foam. It expires. Liquid foam makes 14% stronger bubbles. Powder foam bubbles leave less residue and make a smaller mess. Powder Packs come individually packaged. They store and transport super easily.

How large of an area do we need for one Super E Foam Machine?

For kids under the age of 10 the Super E Foam Machine safely works in a 22 x 22 ft area. The foam fills the area high enough quickly. When you set-up for high school kids outside then use one Super E Foam Machine in a 20 ft x 20 ft area. For college aged kids in a 24 x 24 foot foam pit you should use 2 Super E Foam Machines.

Does the Launcher Sock Fit on the Super E Foam Machine? Is dripping normal?

Do you need more foam when using the Foam Launcher Attachment?

Yes; when launching the foam bubbles, you need to use more foam solution/ powder than normal.

Where can I get spare/ replacement parts?

Spare parts come quickly. Visit Amazon.com/partymachines

Do you offer a warranty?

As long as you are purchasing Dr. Party Foam Powder Packs from us and we see a history of purchases then we warranty your Foam Equipment whether you purchased it from us or made it yourself.

Is set-up complicated?

It takes one small person five minutes to set-up and create foam