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Specializing in fun and the entertainment industry, we focus on our customers.

Party equipment rental companies increase their profits and fun with wonderfully efficient and simple equipment we provide. Read what people write about us on Google reviews by clicking here.

Summer camps, haunted houses, and day care centers work with us. You know that you need marketing materials. We help your phone ring and we assist in getting your equipment rented. We do not compete against you for rentals. We hand you potential rental leads simply because you purchase from us. Party equipment rental companies: Summer camps, haunted houses, and day care centers get answers here. 

About Party equipment rental companies: Summer camps

Make snow any day of the year.

PartyMachines.com was created in 1999 and has been selling fun products for parties and events ever since. We assist in your marketing by providing videos with your company name and phone number once you purchase equipment from the website.

Pay attention to the fine print. Ask questions. We work with our partners in the party rental world. We work with our partners in the summer camp and campground industries. We succeed when you succeed. We have tools and resources unmatched by others. We love helping our friends and partners.

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Summer camps, haunted houses rock

Call 1-877-278-9626 now to find out how Dr. Party can make your life easier. Save yourself some time and order everything you desire right on the website. We continually improve the site. We add more instructional videos to help our partners succeed.

About Party equipment rental companies: Summer camps

Dr. Party is revolutionizing the entertainment rental industry with his foam machines, foam machine solutions, snow machines, and other new fun ideas for events and parties. The foam machines become easier to use each year. Our original machines drew 12 amps of power and made tons of foam. They would pop any breaker they plugged into. We accept all types of credit cards which include Discover, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. We accept payment via paypal and Amazon payments too.

Today you can plug more than six of our machines into one outlet to create tons more foam in the same space. We pride ourselves on our modern machines.