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Trade show special


The show price is back on. Conference attendees may order 2 Super E Foam Machines for a super deal. This is for two units. This purchase comes with foam solution packets for 10+ hours of foam party production and two machines. You’re getting the best effect with these super easy and super exciting foam makers. These machines set up in a few minutes and are the most reliable machine we offer. These now come with 2 boom stands, 2 pumps, and delivery.

When purchasing these foam machines for your camp be aware they come with 12 powder foam packs. Foam created with the powder packs may stack over your head. It comes from us in individual portioned packs. We keep it in stock.

Foam Machines
Foam Machines

Super E Foam Machine extra special purchase

Get the most sensible foam machine deal around today. This Super E Foam Machine offer ends again soon. Be aware that it’s only available for a limited time. You buy one machine or you make this super special deal because you know you will use two machines. We take pride in our customers. We understand that our foam machines work well for campground operators, summer camps, and school carnival operators. If you require marketing photos as well as foam party videos; ask. We provide those to all who ask. We believe that all boats rise together. It helps to share more information than is necessary.


The show price is back on. The trade show special includes 12 foam powder packs and 2 complete Super E Foam Machines and stands and delivery. It also includes 2 submersible water pumps. Hoses with quick connect ends come in this package too. It now includes 2 boom stands.

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