In-line Siphon Mixing Device 10 Foam Powder Packs


Replace the 55 gallon barrel with a 5 gallon bucket and an in line mixing device. It makes life in the rental party equipment world easier. It’s important to have enough water pressure when using this device.

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In line mixing device- replaces water pump | Replace the 55 gallons (190 liter) barrel with a 5 gallon (20 liter) bucket. Replace the 9 lb (4 kg) water pump with a 1/2 pound (8oz or 250g) siphon piece that works as well or better than the water pump. This device does not require electricity. When using one foam machine (typically at a kids party) it’s now possible to show up, turn your vehicle off, and have foam running seven minutes later. You do not need to carry a 55 gallon (190 liter) barrel or wait for the barrel to fill up and mix it. You simply fill a 5 gallon (20 liter) pail and then start the foam fan. This purchase also comes with 10 foam powder packs.

It’s important to have enough water pressure when using the mixing device. The brass piece works well when 35 psi water pressure minimum pushes through the hose set-up. Know that you may end up using a water pump. We still offer those. You may always buy a water pump at your local hardware store. Remember to get the proper fittings so the hose connects snugly to that water pump and then goes on up into the foam machine. It’s important to know your water pressure for the in-line device. It’s important to test equipment before using it. The big day comes around and you haven’t tested. That’s an amateur mistake. We work with amateurs less and less and that’s a good thing. Click buttons and enter information.

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