5 K Run Foam Machine El Jefe

Buy 196 foam powder packs and we give you this foam machine for free. You can build it yourself. We tell you which fan to buy and where to buy it when you buy minimal amounts of foam solution through the website.



We prefer to give you this machine for free. Please read below. You may still purchase this machine. We will ship it for free and include some sample foam powder and liquid foam to test. We also include an in-line mixing device. This substitutes for a submersible water pump in some situations. The more pressure the better for this unit. The more water going through it then the more foam you get faster. Everything you need to know about this foam machine is here in the description and the youtube video. Please simply order on-line and you’ll get confirmation of shipping the same day.

El Jefe 5 K Run Foam Machine also know as The El Jefe returns in a more compact and portable body. It still lacks the hanging bracket. It has holes for hanging hooks. It lacks a stand. It’s new and improved. It’s so simple that you can even make it yourself. We tell you how. We have several options for you and your El Jefe. We do not sell the El Jefe Foam Machine for the following reasons:

  1. It’s loud
  2. It doesn’t have a hanging bracket or anywhere for an easy to use stand to attach to
  3. It draws 8 amps of power which means it requires it’s own dedicated circuit.
  4. It spins at 3500 rpm. Get your hand in that fan blade and you lose it.
  5. It’s simply a fan with $4.50 worth of pvc attached and then covered by some sports mesh. We’ll give you these parts with the purchase of foam solution.
  6. We sell quality equipment that our customers love so we refuse to sell this. That’s why we give it away.
  7. Yes, it cranks out the foam. If you need tons and tons of foam quickly and you have enough labor and time then this is one economical way to go on a high output foam machine.

Simply purchase $225 or more worth of Dr. Party Dance Foam Powder Packs or Liquid Solution and we send you the sprayer arm too.  Spend $350 on Foam Powder Packs and we include the bag that attaches to the front of the machine that you make yourself.  Spend $1000 on foam solution and we give you the fan for free with your purchase. We do not sell this machine by itself. We offer it as part of one of several Dr. Party Dance Foam Concentrate packages.  This is not available for sale by itself. You may buy a comparable fan for this project here as well. http://zoomblowers.com/ventilators

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Weight 55 lbs


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