4 Super E Foam Machines with 12 powder foam packs, pumps, and 2 stands


Make money quickly when you purchase four Super E foam machines. They come with foam solution packets for 10 + hours of foam party production with the initial purchase. The machines set up in a few minutes and are the most reliable machines we have sold.


Scare patrons with four of The Super E foam machines. These easy to set-up, use, and break down machines change the game. See genuine fear in your customer’s faces.

Super E Foam Machines stand superior above other foam generators. This option comes standard with FREE SHIPPING, their own water pumps,  10 + hours worth of foam powder packs, and connecting hoses. These wonderfully efficient units ship complete in several boxes. This includes 2 stands too.

These foam machine fans only weighs 13 pounds each. They each fill a 20 ft x 20 ft square foam pit to four feet in under three minutes with powder foam packs. This units plug straight into the water source or works with the water pump included in this purchase.

The 55 gallon barrel is not required but may be recommended occasionally. For large events order multiple machines at extremely reasonable prices. We recommend multiple units instead of one high output machine. It’s better to have several different streams of foam dumping into your foam arena. This also includes 2 stands.

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When purchasing these foam machines for your haunt, they comes with 12 powder foam packs. The powder packs work well and cost significantly less than liquid foam concentrate. The powder packs come individually portioned. When you need foam to stack over your head we always recommend using the foam powder packs. We keep it in stock.

Ask about sprayer head placement and an extra foam sock.


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Weight 55 lbs


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