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The Huey P Snow Machine is American made.

When mounted at a height of 15 feet, this well-built machine with throw Dr. Party Evaporative Snow a distance of 25 – 35 feet with a width cone of approximately 8 -15 feet.  A sturdy metal housing protects the internal working machinery.  It comes with a mounting bracket that can either be used for hanging from a truss or mounted on top of a speaker stand.  There are a wide variety of different settings that can be used and the Huey P is DMX compatible.  At the highest settings, the Huey P will go through a gallon Dr. Party Snow Solution ( one 8 ounce bottle of Dr. Party Snow Concentrate mixed with a gallon of distilled water ) in about 90 minutes.  If the operator trims the machine back so that the flakes aren’t quite as large or quite as numerous, the Huey P can measure this gallon out to about 180 minutes.

This machine comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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