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The Kingfish Snow Machine is an evaporative snow machine that can be used at ground level as well as hung from a truss. This snow machine offers the driest snow on the market and can send artificial evaporative snow in the air up to 50 feet. It features a high output fan in a swivel case, supported by a strong, and bracketed frame.This is DMX capable & has a built in repeat cycle timer. This snow machine requires a 10 amp circuit. Snow machine rental prices do include shipping in most cases. Shipping may cost up to $240 round trip.

Electrical requirements: 10 amp, 110v circuits per machine.
Warm Up Time: instant snow
Distance of Snow Throw: 30+ feet (starting at ground level)
Width of Snow Throw: 30+ feet
Size of Flake: small flurry to large silver dollar flakes.
Evaporative Time: 30-120 seconds
Totally evaporative snow is possible as long as the setting of flakes is evaporating within 30 seconds.
Length of Snow Per Gallon: 1.5 to 3 hrs

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