Nearly Silent T-1600 snow machine rental


This is about the quietest snow machine available for rent.


This is about the quietest snow falling effect machine in the world. The T-1600 nearly quiet snow machine rental was designed for stage, movies and performances where noise makes the difference. 68 db @ 3 feet. DMX on-board with duty cycle timer (5 and 15 min repeat cycle timer) stand alone settings, and hanging yoke included.

The T-1600 snow machine rental standard color is black. This Evaporative Snow machine rental is great when noise (or lack thereof) is important. This evaporative snow machine rental is perfect for musicians, playhouses, sound stages, and amusement parks. This nearly silent snow machine rental is also available for purchase. When you rent this silent snow machine it comes with a 24 hour a day technical support line. This nearly silent snow machine throws evaporative snow 25 to 35 feet out and eight to fifteen feet across (wide). This nearly silent snow machine rental weighs 60 pounds (70 pounds with fluid) and measures 44 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 23 inches tall.

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Weight 62 lbs


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