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All in one inflatable foam pit for rental folks
Foam Pit - all in one
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Foam Pit without a foam machine - all in one
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All in One Backyard Foam Pit - Machine not necessary(Comes with Water Pump, Hose, & 6 Foam Powder Packs)

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  • 13 Ft x 13 Ft square foam pit, 3 Ft tall
  • 1 submersible water pump
  • 1 Hose
  • 6 Foam Powder Packs
  • Blower not included

Add YOUR inflatable 1.25 hp blower to the pit and that's all you need.  The blower is not included with this item. With this unit, there is no need for a stand, water pump or foam fan.  This pit sets up in less than 2 minutes, and creates foam in less than five minutes with your blower that you provide. Foam pit fits in practically any backyard.  It requires only one electrical plug and one water source as well as your own one HP blower. With this simple unit, no attendant is needed.  

There's no need for a separate foam unit. The pit creates the foam when you add your 1 hp blower. Your 1.25 hp blower creates enough air to make foam. There is no foam fan. The pit is the foam generator. We do not include the 1hp blower with your order. You provide that. The design of this foam pit allows for the air from your 1 hp blower to create enough air to push the bubbly water through the mesh and create foam without a separate fan unit or a stand. This comes with a water pump to create more foam quicker, as well as a hose and 6 foam powder packs. YOU provide your own blower.

All in 1 Pit set up instructions

  1. Spread the foam pit out and attach your blower to the back of the foam pit.  Turn the blower on and the pit should inflate quickly. (A 1.25 hp blower is recommended) 
  2. Undo the Velcro straps and strap the hose in.  Make sure the hose is centered.  Keep velcroing all the way to the end.  
  3. Next; attach your hose to the pump or siphon, depending on your setup.  
  4. Screw the brass metal piece provided into the hose.  Next; screw the pointy spiral atomizer into the brass piece. Velcro the hose into place.
  5. Attach the sock over the hose and atomizer with the attached velcro.
  6. Place your pump or siphon into your bucket of solution mixture.
  • When using a siphon:
    • Use a 1.25 hp blower.
    • Increase foam ratio: 5 gallons of water to 1.25 bags of powder 
    • Use a stiff plastic hose! A larger inside diameter hose works better.
    • Atomizer needs to be clipped or clamped so the foam mixture drains down the middle of the sock.  Use a baby bungee cord.
  • When using a water pump:
    • Use at least a 1.25 hp blower. A larger inside diameter hose works better.
    • Mix 1 powder pack into 50 gallons of water 
    • Atomizer needs to be clipped or clamped so the foam mixture drains down the middle of the sock. A baby bungee cord works well.

Watch a set up video at