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3 different options from the drop-down menu:

  • $2615 option includes:
    • 2 Super E Foam Machines w/ 2 cannon and 2 dumper socks
    • 2 hoses, 2 siphons, 44 powder foam packs, 2 stands
    • 2 liquid cannon solution containers, and 2 water pumps
  • $1550 option includes:
    • 1 Super E Foam Machine w/  cannon and dumper socks
    • 1 hose, 1 siphon, 22 powder foam packs, 1 stands
    • 1 liquid cannon solution container, and 1 water pump
  • $890 option includes
    • 1 Super E Foam Machine w/ mesh sock & hose,
    • 1 Siphon, & 2 powder foam packs
  • Free USA Delivery takes 1 to 5 business days
  • Equipment available in 110v, 220v, & 230v
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  • No attendant necessary for rental companies


The Super E Foam Machine is the official Party Rental Company foam machine!

Make money quickly when you purchase the Super E foam machine. Order online for fast free shipping!

Setting up the Super E Foam Machine (Pump)

 The Super E Foam Machine works wonderfully for birthday parties, music festivals, water parks, summer camps, and resorts.

Generate income with The Super E foam machine. Set-up, use, and break down easily. See a positive return on your investment on this 14 pound machine in 2 to 3 rentals. The Unit always comes with a siphon, and connecting hose.

These wonderfully efficient unit ships complete the day you order them.  With the hanging bracket attached, this foam machine only weighs 14 pounds. It fills a 20 ft x 20 ft square foam pit to four feet in a few minutes with powder foam or  liquid foam.

Setting up the Super E Foam Machine (Siphon)

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