Yes, everything that is listed for sale on the website is in stock.
The powder solution along with everything else we offer ships the day you place your order as long as it is received before 2 pm Eastern time. Items ship from Central Texas and arrive to you within a week and within 3 business days in most cases.
What is the powder solution made of?
The powder solution is a surfactant blend.  Surfactant is strictly a foaming agent you find in your shampoo, shaving cream, toothpaste, and bubble bath.  The difference is there aren’t any additives for cleaning or scent.
Why do cannons cost 3 to 6 times as much to run?
The velocity of the fan going through a cone to create a cannon effect creates bubbles to break quicker; therefore, you must use 3 to 6 times as much solution in order to get the cannon effect from your foam machine.
Is the solution harmful?
The solution doesn’t cause harm to eyes, skin or the environment.  It is strictly a foaming agent.
Does the solution leave stains?
How do I clean the foam area when I’m done?
Spray the area with water.
Is the foam slippery?
The foam when mixed properly is as slippery as water.
How much is shipping?
Shipping is included for purchases shipping within continental United States.  International rates will be determined upon checkout.
How long is shipping?
Shipping to addresses in the continental United States typically takes 1-5 days. 
Do you sell colored foam?
You can find color foam additives at Amazon.com/partymachines. Yes. The colors stain.
Where do I set it up?
It is recommended for the grass or under a covered patio.
Do I need a pit?
A pit isn’t necessary but people’s preferences vary.  Our customers set the machine up in open areas, on water slides, on tarps, in gaga pits and under tents.  Click for a video explanation

 How do I set up my Foam Machine?





How long does the Super E Foam Machine take to set up?
It takes less than 10 min to set up, and less than 9 min to breakdown.

How long does a package last?
When using 50 gallons of solution/water mixture and the submersible water pump, expect 30 to 60 minutes depending on your water quality.  When using the 5 gallons of solution/water mixture and the inline mixing device, expect 45 minutes.
What happens if my machine breaks?
Call the office at 877-278-9626.  You can also click HERE to view troubleshooting videos.  Most issues can be solved quickly over the phone.  If the issue can’t be resolved we will send a return label to ship the product back and send you a replacement unit.

Is there a warranty?
We will replace any malfunctioning parts or equipment for as long as you have the equipment and purchase foam solutions from Partymachines.

What is the difference between the powder and liquid solution?


What is the benefit of the powder solution?


What are some differences between dumping and throwing foam machines?

The dumping foam machine, which is less expensive to run per hour and more user-friendly compared to heavy foam cannons, offers several advantages that make it an attractive option for party rental equipment companies. Let's explore these benefits:

  1. Cost-effectiveness: The dumping foam machine's lower operating cost per hour makes it financially advantageous for both rental companies and customers. As it consumes less foam solution, operating expenses related to the purchase and refilling of foam solution are significantly reduced. This cost-effectiveness allows party rental equipment companies to offer more competitive pricing to their customers, making the dumping foam machine a budget-friendly choice.
  2. User-friendliness: The simplicity and ease of use of the dumping foam machine make it extremely user-friendly. Unlike heavy foam cannons that require specialized knowledge and staff assistance to operate, the dumping foam machine can be easily used by anyone, even without prior experience. Its intuitive design allows party hosts or event organizers to operate the machine without the need for dedicated staff persons, reducing additional labor costs and streamlining the event setup process.
  3. Efficiency in Foam Solution Consumption: The dumping foam machine's ability to produce a significant amount of foam while consuming minimal foam solution is a key advantage. In contrast, heavy foam cannons typically require three to six times as much foam solution to generate the same amount of foam in a given time period. This efficiency in foam solution consumption translates to fewer refills, reduced expenses, and minimized downtime during events.
  4. Flexibility and Convenience: The drop-and-go nature of the dumping foam machine offers unparalleled convenience. With minimal setup and teardown requirements, this machine provides event organizers with the flexibility to quickly deploy and remove foam without extensive preparations. Its lightweight and compact design further contribute to its portability, allowing it to be easily transported to various event locations.
  5. Safety Considerations: Dropping foam instead of using heavy foam cannons can enhance safety during events. Heavy cannons, while capable of projecting foam over a distance, may pose higher risks if not operated or secured properly. The dumping foam machine eliminates the need for external support structures and reduces the chances of accidents resulting from improper usage or instability.

Overall, the cost-effectiveness, user-friendliness, efficiency in foam solution consumption, and convenience of drop-and-go operation make the dumping foam machine an appealing choice for party rental equipment companies. Its ability to create a thrilling foam party experience in a more efficient, affordable, and hassle-free manner offers significant benefits to both the rental companies and their customers, contributing to a memorable and enjoyable event for all.

Describe some benefits and features of the foam powder packs.

Versatile Application: Foam Powder Packs are designed to be compatible with all types of party foam cannons, foam machines, and foam generators. They can be easily used in a variety of settings such as parties, events, festivals, and recreational activities.

- Enhanced Safety: Foam Powder Packs are Board Certified Dermatologist approved, ensuring their safety for use on the skin. This makes them suitable for individuals of all ages, including children and those with sensitive skin.

- Organic and Environmentally Friendly: Foam Powder Packs are made from 100% organic ingredients, making them an eco-friendly choice for foam parties. They are free from harsh chemicals, additives, and synthetic fragrances, minimizing the environmental impact.

- High-Quality Foam: These powder packs are formulated to produce a high-quality foam that is thick, long-enough lasting, and visually appealing. The foam created is dense, ensuring a fun and immersive experience for participants.

- Easy to Use: Foam Powder Packs are simple and convenient to use. Just add the powder to water in the foam solution bucket, mix thoroughly, and you're ready to create foam. No complicated setup or additional ingredients are required.

- Customizable Foam Density: Users have the flexibility to adjust the foam density according to their preference. This allows for a customized foam experience, whether it's creating a thick layer for a foam pit or a lighter, or heavier foam for a more gentle application.

- Long-Lasting Effect: Foam created using Foam Powder Packs has a prolonged lifespan, which allows for continued fun and entertainment throughout the duration of the event. The powder packs are designed to optimize foam production, ensuring a consistent and durable foam output.

- Safe for Surfaces and Equipment: The organic composition of Foam Powder Packs makes them safe to use on various surfaces, including fabrics, inflatables, flooring, and equipment. They do not leave any residue besides water or cause damage, making cleanup hassle-free.

- Economical and Cost-Effective: Foam Powder Packs offer a cost-effective solution for foam parties as they ensure efficient foam production and provide a high foam-to-water ratio. This helps to reduce product consumption and minimize costs.

Remember to check specific product packaging and instructions for more details on certification, organic claims, and specific features offered by different Foam Powder Packages.

Foam Cannon vs. Foam Dumping Machines

The heavy and loud foam cannons do offer advantages over smaller dumping machines in certain situations, particularly in terms of the "wow" factor they bring to an event. Here are some advantages of foam cannons:

  1. Visual Impact: The larger size and extended range of heavy foam cannons can create a more dramatic and visually striking effect. This can enhance the overall ambiance and excitement of an event, especially in scenarios where a grand and captivating spectacle is desired. The powerful projection of foam from a cannon can create an impressive visual display that can be a major highlight of the event.
  2. Attention-Grabbing: Heavy foam cannons have a greater ability to draw attention. Their ability to project foam long distances and cover larger areas can captivate a larger audience and entice more people to participate in a foam party. This can be particularly beneficial for events with a significant crowd or when the goal is to attract attention from a distance, such as outdoor festivals or promotional events.
  3. Enhanced Experience: The use of heavy foam cannons can potentially provide a more immersive and interactive experience. Guests can actively engage with the foam and enjoy the sensation of being surrounded by a thick layer of foam. The sheer volume of foam that these cannons can produce amplifies the fun and excitement of the party, creating a uniquely thrilling experience that participants may not easily forget.

However, it is important to consider the drawbacks of heavy foam cannons as well:

  1. Higher Cost: Heavy foam cannons typically come with a higher rental cost due to their larger size, higher product consumption, and the need for dedicated attendants. The increased costs can limit the affordability and accessibility of these cannons for some customers, thus shrinking the potential market for rental companies.
  2. Additional Staffing and Logistics: Operating heavy foam cannons often requires dedicated attendants to ensure proper setup, operation, and safety. This adds an additional staffing requirement and cost for event organizers. Moreover, due to their bigger size and weight, heavy foam cannons may require larger vehicles for transportation, adding logistical challenges and potential costs for rental companies.
  3. Product Consumption: Heavy foam cannons consume a significantly larger amount of foam solution compared to smaller dumping machines. This higher product cost can impact the profitability of foam machine rentals, making it less cost-effective for both the rental company and the customer. It can also necessitate more frequent refills during an event, potentially leading to operational disruptions that may impact the overall experience.

Considering these advantages and drawbacks, rental companies need to carefully assess the specific needs and preferences of their target market, the nature of the event, and the customer budget constraints to determine which type of foam machine best suits their requirements. Both heavy foam cannons and smaller dumping machines have their place in the market, catering to different event scenarios and customer expectations.