FOAM POWDER PACKS – 102 PACKS (FREE $695 Super E Foam Machine incl.)

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The free machine is the Super E machine with dumping sock (as in photo), connecting hose, and a siphon. It does not include a pump (not necessary) or a stand. Items are in stock and ship when you place your order. (1-5 business day) Shipping in N. America is included. Foam Powder packs come in 102 single-serving bags and leave less residue than liquid foam. You will provide a bucket and water and electricity. You may want to provide a stand too.

Certified 100% organic; these powder packs simplify the foam party experience. Each powder pack currently lasts from 30 to 60 minutes and yes, you dump it into the barrel or 5-gallon bucket and stir. The variation of 30 to 60 minutes means that in some situations you use less foam. With an even longer shelf life; powder foam packs create the same bubbles that the liquid creates. We ship the Dance Foam Powder packs |Dr. Party® for free to N. America destinations.


One powder pack mixes with 50 to 100 gallons of water when using a fifty-gallon barrel and a submersible water pump. When using the easy to use and operate in-line mixing device then mix one powder pack in five gallons of water. This five-gallon bucket may last more than 34 minutes before it needs to be filled with more water and more powder foam. The in-line mixing device (venturi effect) works when you have sufficient water pressure pushing the water through the hose. It also requires that the water coming out has enough space to be released. This foam comes with practically no odor at all. As stated on the packets, it’s 100% organic. It stains as much as regular water stains. It’s as slippery as regular water is. It’s as harmful as regular water is.