All in One Backyard Foam Pit - Machine included (Comes with Pump,Hose, & 6 Foam Powder Packs))

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  • 13 Ft x 13 Ft square foam pit, 3 Ft tall
  • 1 submersible water pump
  • 1 Hose
  • 6 Foam Powder Packs

Add your inflatable 1 hp blower to the pit and that's all you need.  With this unit, there is no need for a stand, water pump or foam fan.  This pit has everything you need, sets up in less than 2 minutes, and creates foam in less than five minutes. Foam pit fits in practically any backyard.  It requires only one electrical plug and one water source as well as your own one HP blower. With this simple unit no attendant is needed 

There's no need for a separate foam unit. It's included in this pit. Your 1 hp blower creates enough air to make foam. The pit is the foam generator. The design of this foam pit allows for the air from your 1 hp blower to create enough air to push the bubbly water through the mesh and create foam without a separate fan unit or a stand. This comes with a siphon; although your water pump may create more foam quicker.