Make sure the fan is turned on:

  1. This means that the red and white sock is inflated. 
  2. The hose needs to be connected to the white pvc piece on the side of the fan.
  3. The fan needs to be tilted downward
  4. Make sure the other end of the fan is attached to the blue or brass siphon piece. The other end of the siphon is attached to the hose coming from the building. There is a thin hose attached to the siphon. That thin hose needs to be dropped into a small (5 gallon) bucket full of a water/ foam mixture. 
  5. If you’re using the pump then the hose coming from the fan needs to be attached to the water pump securely. The pump needs to be dropped completely into a large (33 or 55 gallon) barrel of water. Make sure to mix between ½ and 1 full foam powder pack into the large barrel. Start with ½ a pack and stir. Make sure the pump is plugged in. When it is submerged under water and the float switch (bulb looking thing) is floating up then the pump turns on and sucks the water through the hose and up into the fan. You’ll see water and then foam dumping out of the white sports mesh sock attached to the fan. 
  6. If you’re using the siphon then remember that the siphon is attached to the hose coming from the fan. The other end of the siphon is attached directly to the hose coming from the building. There’s a thin hose attached to the siphon. That thin hose is dropped into a 5 gallon bucket of water. You mix 1 powder pack into that 5 gallon bucket. Make sure the fan is plugged in, pointed down, and running. Next, turn the water on. The water will run from the building, through the hose, through the siphon device, up the hose, and into the foam fan and bubbles will start to pour out.



Pump Isn’t Pumping

  • Check for debris where hose connects to pump and remove debris
  • Check that the hose is securely attached
  • Check for kinks in the hose and straighten 
  • Fully submerge the pump before plugging in 
  • Make sure the float switch/ bulb looking thing hanging from the pump is floating up. You can shake it to understand that it’s an on/ off switch. This keeps the pump from running when there’s no water in the barrel. This lengthens the life of your pump.

Machine Is Only Dripping Water

  • Make sure machine is pointed downward.
  • Check for kinks in the hose and straighten.
  • While the machine is unplugged, remove the sock from the velcro and make sure the sprayer tips are pointed straight outwards.
  • Unscrew sprayer heads and clear any debris. Replace sprayer tips and tighten.
  • Make sure PVC pieces inside the machine are connected.  If not, use PVC glue to reattach connection. Call us on this one. It’s really simple.
  • Using well or hard water will affect the ability of the foam powder to turn into foam. If you’re using well water you may need to add a water softener or even vegetable glycerine.
  • The higher the foam machine is hung, the lower the output will be. Gravity is not your friend. You can always raise your water bucket higher in order to combat this obstacle.



Siphon Device Isn’t Working

  • Unscrew the siphon device from the water hose and check for a rubber O-ring.  Without this airtight seal the device will not work properly.
  • Tighten the siphon device to the hoses.
  • Check for holes in the narrow tube.  Holes won’t allow the foam solution to be properly sucked up through the narrow tube. Make sure you have NO air leaking from any of the connections.



Machine Isn’t Spinning

  • Check that the machine is plugged into a working outlet
  • While machine is unplugged, spin the fan blade inside to see if it spins without friction