Super E Foam Machine

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The Super E Foam Machine is the official party rental company foam machine!

Make money quickly when you purchase the Super E foam machine. Order online and get free shipping!

What it comes with: 1 Super E Foam Fan, Foam solution packets for 10 hours of foam party production, 1 boom stand and 1 submersible water pump.

Setting up the Super E Foam Machine (Pump)

 The Super E Foam Machine is great for birthday parties, music festivals, water parks, summer camps, resorts, and much more!

Immediately generate income with The Super E foam machine. This is easy to set-up, use, and break down. See a positive return on your investment on this 13-pound machine in 2 to 3 rentals. This unit now comes with a boom stand and water pump.

It stands superior above other foam generators. It comes standard with FREE SHIPPING, it’s own light-duty stand, more than 10 hours worth of foam powder packs, and a submersible water pump. These wonderfully efficient unit ships complete the day you order them.  With the hanging bracket attached, this foam machine only weighs 13 pounds. It fills a 20 ft x 20 ft square foam pit to four feet in under three minutes with powder foam or liquid foam. This is the rental equipment person’s dream rental item. We offer this in 120v and 230v for customers all over the world.

Setting up the Super E Foam Machine (Siphon)

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