Blue Plastic foam cannon for rental operator company owners
Glow foam is not needed with the LED ring attached to the front of the Foam cannon for the masses
Get the foam cannon that everybody wants to have. This is a blue plastic foam cannon
Foam Machine Cannon for party rental company owners
Partymachines Cannon foam machine
Buy a steel foam cannon for your party rental equipment company
Foam Cannon with an LED light ring for party rental folks
Foam Powder Packs - Foam Machines

2024 - FREE Foam Cannons - Powder Packs 102 - 136- 170 - 204 Bulk

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  • For 2024 we offer waterproof foam machines with LED light rings
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  • Get the foam powder now and the equipment arrives in JUNE 2024
  • Waterproof and Durable
  • This equipment runs well with foam powder packs
  • You provide a normal DJ speaker stand that this sits on top of
  • Engineered and shipped from Texas
  • The machines come free with this pre-sale special
  • No attendant necessary

Don’t pay for water. Don't pay for equipment. Foam Powder packs by Dr. Party® now work better than the heavy liquid foam when considering all factors. Less space in shipping and storage saves you money. Order 102, 136, 170, 02 204 at a time.


Foam Powder Packs for a foam party rental company cost 1/3 as much as liquid foam. 

Save time, labor and hassle with simple, easy to use powder solution and these new foam throwing machines. Order in bulk and receive a free foam machine. Replace messy foam additives with the attached and included LED light ring that comes attached.

Practically no residue after the event. Each foam powder pack lasts more than 26 minutes when throwing the foam and only need to be stirred into the water. It’s really simple. Open, dump, stir, and use. When it’s a 22-year-old’s birthday party you use more because they want bigger volume, taller, quicker foam. The throwing machines comsume more foam faster. One powder pack mixes with 60 to 120 gallons of water when using a fifty-gallon barrel and a submersible water pump.