Foam Powder Packs – 10 Powder Packs


Instead of liquid foam, we offer the same product in powder form. Don’t pay for water. Our 10 Dance Foam Powder packs by Dr. Party® now work better than the heavy liquid foam. This certified 100% organic product takes up significantly less space in shipping and storage.

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Party Foam Powder – 10 Powder Packs instead of liquid foam, we offer the same product in powder form. Don’t pay for water. Buy at Amazon

This 10 pound package of foam powder packs the heavy 90 pound liquid foam buckets. Pay less for a 100% organic product. It’s approved by a board certified dermatologist as well. See and try for yourself. One pack replaces more than a gallon of concentrated foam liquid solution. Cut time, labor and hassle with simple, easy to use powder solution. Order in bulk and you may receive a free foam machine. Benefits over expensive liquid: Powder packs cost less; They come in single/ double serving bags. They leave less residue. Each bag lasts up to an hour and a half and only need to be stirred into the water. It’s really simple. Open, dump, stir, and use. When it’s young kids you use less. When it’s a 22 year old’s birthday party you use more because they want bigger volume, taller, quicker foam. These foam powder packs have been used successfully in homemade Sky dancer inflatable foam machines (see El Jefe DIY kit) as well as carpet dryer foam generators. Powder packs take up significantly less space in shipping and storage, and has a longer shelf life than the liquid goo. How to use: One powder pack mixes with 60 to 120 gallons of water when using a fifty gallon barrel and a submersible water pump. When using the in-line mixing device simply mix 3/4 powder pack into 4.5 gallons of water. This five gallon bucket may lasts up to an hour before it needs to be filled with more water and more powder foam. As stated; it’s 100% organic. bulk = 96 foam powder packs.

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