Stack of tea tree shower steamers glowing under soft lighting, each crafted to fill your shower with a luxurious, spa-like fragrance.
Bring joy and excitement to bath time with our great-smelling, colorful bath bombs, available in a pack of 12, perfect for making every bath a fizzy adventure.
Parents love our 12-pack of fun and fizzy bath bombs that release delightful scents and vibrant colors, turning bath time into a sensory feast for kids.
Our 12-pack of kids' bath bombs are a hit with both children and parents, thanks to their spectacular fizz and irresistible aromas that fill the tub.
Delight your little ones with our wonderfully fizzy bath bombs; each 12-pack unleashes bursts of color and fragrance that make bath time the best part of the day.
Transform your child’s bath into a dazzling display of colors and scents with our 12-pack of fizzy bath bombs, designed to make bath time a magical experience.
Every parent appreciates the smiles and excitement our 12-pack of colorful, great-smelling bath bombs bring, each one fizzing away to create playful bath moments.
Make bath time extraordinary with our kids’ bath bombs, available in a 12-pack that fizzes with vibrant colors and enchanting scents, loved by kids and approved by parents.

Splash Magic Kids Bath Bombs by Dr. Party - Box of 12 Colorful Bath Bombs, Dermatologist Approved for Young Children

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Splash Magic Kids Bath Bombs by Dr. Party are here to transform ordinary baths into extraordinary spa-like experiences for children. This box of 12 colorful, dermatologist-approved bath bombs offers a healthy dose of fun, care, and education in each fizz and bubble. Ideal for keeping kids engaged and happy while ensuring their skin is lovingly cared for, these bath bombs are a hit among both kids and parents. Dive into the vibrant world of Splash Magic, where each bath bomb promises an explosion of color, scent, and gentle skin care, making every bath an event to look forward to!

About this item

  • Double the Fun: With 12 bath bombs in each box, children can enjoy a variety of vibrant colors and playful fizz in their baths more often.
  • Dermatologist Approved: Safety first! These bath bombs are certified by a Board Certified Dermatologist, ensuring they are gentle enough for young, sensitive skin.
  • Enriched with Skin Care: Formulated with ingredients that moisturize and soothe, leaving skin soft, smooth, and nourished after every bath.
  • Child-Friendly Scents: Each bath bomb is infused with a delightful fragrance designed to be gentle on young noses while enhancing the bathing experience.
  • Educational Play: Bath time can be both fun and a learning experience as children explore the fizzy reactions and mix of colors.
  • Perfect Gift for Parents and Kids: Comes in an attractively designed box, making it an ideal gift for parents wanting to make bath time a highlight for their children.