Vibrant collection of six children's bath bombs, each a different color and scent, packaged neatly in an eye-catching box.
Assorted six-pack of brightly colored kids' bath bombs, featuring cheerful designs and sweet scents for a fun bath experience.
Rainbow array of bath bombs for kids, with each of the six showcasing a unique, delightful fragrance and color.
Kid-friendly bath bombs in a multi-colored six-pack, designed to fizz with joy and fill the bath with playful aromas.
Cheerful six-pack of children's bath bombs in pastel hues, each infused with a different fruit scent, ready to transform bath time into playtime.
The box is exactly this size. Bath bombs come in different sized boxes. This shows you what you are getting

Bath Time Delights by Dr. Party - Box of 6 Colorful Bath Bombs, Dermatologist Approved for Children and Trusted by Parents

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Elevate bath time from routine to remarkable with Bath Time Delights by Dr. Party! Specially formulated for young children and endorsed by parents, this set of 6 dermatologist-approved bath bombs offers a perfect mix of fun, care, and safety. The colorful and effervescent bath bombs not only entertain but also care for tender skin, ensuring a joyful and soothing bath experience. With ingredients that are both effective and gentle, these bath bombs are the go-to choice for parents who want to enrich their children's bathing routine. Trust Bath Time Delights by Dr. Party to turn every bath into a festive and caring occasion that both kids and parents will love.

About this item

  • Vibrant and Fun: Each bath bomb bursts with a spectrum of colors to captivate and entertain young bathers, making bath time an exciting adventure.
  • Parent-Approved Safety: Certified by a Board Certified Dermatologist, these bath bombs are formulated to be safe and gentle on children's sensitive skin, earning the trust of parents.
  • Nourishing Ingredients: Made with skin-loving components that moisturize and soothe, leaving children's skin soft, hydrated, and happy.
  • Kid-Friendly Scents: Selected aromas are designed to be enjoyable and soothing for children, enhancing the bathing experience with delightful fragrances.
  • Interactive Bath Fun: The fizzing action of each bath bomb creates an engaging and playful experience, helping children look forward to bath time.
  • Thoughtful Gift Option: Beautifully packaged in a kid-friendly design, this box is an ideal gift for parents looking to make bath time a highlight of the day for their children.