Steel foam cannon makes tons of foam quickly
The foam cannon sits on any DJ speaker stand purchased from Amazon
foam cannon steel industrial rental company equipment
Set the foam cannon on the porch and watch the foam shoot out
Foam Cannons add profit to a rental comapny bottom line
Steel cannon - water resistant throwing foam
Side hustle foam machines make good money
Video of the water resnstant foam cannon
Back view of the foam cannon on a DJ speaker stand
The Foam cannon weighs around 20 pounds
Get a water resistant foam cannon for your rental comapny and increase profits
The foam bubbles pile up when using a foam cannon

Water Resistant Black Steel Foam Cannon

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  • Water Resistant and Durable
  • Very light and easy to use - under 20 pounds
  • May throw foam up to 19.5 feet when machine is elevated
  • The key to getting the most out of these machines is to use more foam, but use less water.
  • We suggest using a full pack of foam in a 32-gallon brute can, or a packet and a half in a 55-gallon drum.
  • This equipment runs well with our Foam Powder Packs
  • Comes with connecting hose 
  • Does not include a water pump but is compatible with our 250-watt Submersible Water Pump or any water pump you already own
  • Does not include stand. It works with a normal DJ speaker stand such as the Amazon Basics Adjustable Speaker Stand 
  • Shipped from Central Texas

Save time, labor and hassle with simple, easy to use powder solution and these new foam throwing machines.  There is practically no residue left behind. Each foam powder pack lasts more than 15 minutes when throwing the foam and only needs to be stirred into the water. It’s really simple! 

 Open, dump, stir, and use. The throwing foam cannon machines consume more foam faster. One powder pack will mix with 40 to 80 gallons of water when using a fifty-gallon barrel and a submersible water pump.